Student Services

Our professional team of counsellors aid students to identify and analyze their strengths, interest, and passion thus enabling them to make better career choices. Our counsellors provide detailed information on higher studies, language courses, vocational training, jobs, and other career prospects. During the counselling sessions, students are well informed about the career choices available and help them choose the right opportunity present that suits them best.

Different modes of counselling sessions are made available to students, such as:

– Telephonic counselling sessions

– E-counselling sessions

– One on one Personal counselling sessions

– Group counselling sessions

To avail our counselling sessions, prior appointment is required.  Appointment can be taken

During: Monday- Friday (Weekdays)

From:  9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

At: +91 80 41224499

Getting enrolled into a foreign institute is not an easy task. There are various guidelines that one needs to follow for a successful admission/ enrolment to any foreign institute.

Planning in advance: Moving to another country for studies requires detailed planning in terms of selecting the country, course/area of specialization to be pursued, tuition fees and other costs involved, arranging for accommodation and food facilities etc.

Follow timeline: Having decided on the institute and the course, candidates are required to understand the timeline and the intake of the course intake (summer/ winter/ spring). They also need to work towards fulfilling all the necessary process such as application submission, receiving offer letter from the institute, visa process, education loan application etc. before the start date, to avoid delay in enrolling for the course.

Documentation: This is an important step, as it involves chances of rejection if documentation is incomplete. Complete and credible application are the two vital aspects of documentation process and students need to be extremely careful in providing all the necessary documents within the specified time.

Application Filing: Accuracy of information is the key to successful application submission. Application could be in foreign language and English or foreign language alone or vice versa, which could confuse the students. They need to carefully examine the details asked by the institute and diligently fill the application form. Along with application students might also be asked to submit Statement of Purpose (SoP) or a write up on their interest to pursue studies in their country.

At SPG, the complete admission process is professionally handled, and students can enrol smoothly to their desired course and country without much hassle.

The Japanese institutions and corporations make it mandatory for students wanting to study or work in Japan, to master the Japanese language skills. Being one of the niche language courses, learning Japanese language in a foreign country is an uphill task. Hence, SPG presents a unique way of learning Japanese Language, with interactive classroom and practical sessions. The course focuses on language, culture, etiquettes and Japanese value system. To further ensure the quality of the course, professionally trained native Japanese trainers and certified Indian trainers are employed. The class room design, the methodology of language teaching, teaching tools, celebrations/ events, opportunity to meet and interact with Japanese delegations during the course are the key highlights of the course.  Students are prepared to appear for the J-CERT.

The international support team of SilverPeak Global provides travel guidance such as basic information of the host country, the do’s and don’ts, culture, people, food and lifestyle etc. before their departure to an international location. A thorough research, practical exposure, testimonies are used as reference for guidance.  The team also assists on selection of airlines and airfare charges based on comfort, convenience, budget friendly, and luggage requirements.

To ease the burden of students in getting good exchange rates for their currency without having to pay heavy exchange charges, SPG assists candidates to the best of authorized currency exchange dealers in the city.

Issuing visa for applicants to enter any country is a matter of national security and hence it involves a comprehensive analysis of the applicant’s credentials before issuing a relevant visa. The extensive visa process involves collection and furnishing of all the mandatory documents, filling the application form accurately & completely, relevant financial support proof and effectively preparing for visa interview.

However, the documents and procedures followed by each nation is different. A sample of the visa process followed for obtaining Japanese Visa is mentioned below


Visa Documents Preparation


Candidates to be ready with the following document before applying for Japanese visa

List of documents include-

[Important-Please note all photocopies should be on A4 size only]

  1. A valid Passport (with more than two blank pages). Please submit your old passports also, if any.
  2. Photocopy of the Bio Data Page of the Current Passport (First and Last Page)
  3. A completely filled and signed Visa Application Form.
  4. One photograph taken within the last 6 months. (The photograph should be of size 2 x 2 inches, colour with white background and printed on good quality paper)
  5. Original Certificate of Eligibility (COE) with one copy
  6. Experience Certificate
  7. Curriculum Vitae (CV) (including all educational history to the highest, name, address and telephone number of institutions / professional record indicating names of companies or departments, address, telephone numbers, duration, position, and work details)
  8. Educational Documents (copy of certificates and mark sheets)
  9. In the event of applicant being issued COE for study purpose, such applicant is required to submit financial documents of parents or the sponsor
  10. Japanese Language course completion certificate

Visa Type



Preparation For Visa Interview :  Applicants are to be prepared thoroughly for the visa interview, where interviewing session will be in Japanese Language.

SPG connects students to banks where education loan facilities are made available at reasonable interest rates, minimal documentation and repayment options. SPG has tie up with multiple banks and students are provided with choices to avail loan facility that suits their need.  The necessary documents required for availing bank loan from the concerned foreign institute and foreign embassy or Government body, are sourced by SPG for the respective student.

Part Time Jobs


SilverPeak places students to part time jobs (Arubaito) while studying in Japan.  These part time jobs are non- technical in nature and are offered with an intention to help students manage their finances or earn extra money for their living. It also presents an environment where students can improve their language skills and network abilities with Japanese nationals.

Further, the part time jobs expose students to congenial work environment that acts as foundation for the job market after completion of their course in respective field.

Students are permitted to work in part-time jobs for 28 hours per week (weekdays) and are paid a minimum of 715-800 JPY per hour.


Accommodation & Food


To ensure the safety and security of the students in a foreign land and to relieve the stress of searching for a place to reside in an unknown country, Silverpeak ensures students are provided with accommodation facilities by the respective institution/ universities in Japan where they are admitted.

With regards to food, canteen facility is made available for students within the institute premises. A small kitchen is also made available in the accommodation provided to students and those who desire to cook for themselves can make use of the same.

Team Silverpeak with the help of concerned institute in Japan organizes career related workshops/ lectures/ symposiums, where students are given opportunity to interact with industry experts and understand their roadmap for future in Japan. With these career assistance programs, students are equipped with career guidelines (such as resume writing, job application writing, technical and non-technical skill upgradation etc.), current facts/ information of industries (such as do and don’ts of business, futuristic skills/ jobs, booming industries/ business etc.) and so on.

Campus placements, job fairs or other arenas where students get to meet the employers directly for final placements are also facilitated by Silverpeak in association with concerned institution/university.