Our Services

Corporate Services

SilverPeak Global (SPG) is committed to provide a viable & sustainable development solution to the clients it partners with. SPG provides a platform for corporate organizations and business owners to grow and expand their business for an international market.

Education Services

SilverPeak Global has been at the forefront of global education field for the last one decade. We aim to provide excellent career prospects to students to follow their dream. Courses are offered in technology, medicine,  general management and Japanese language.

J-Cert Services

J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language) is an official Japanese language (NIHONGO) proficiency standard test. SilverPeak is the sole and exclusive partner for carrying out “J-cert life and proficiency Japanese test” in India.

Student Services

Our professional team of counsellors help students identify and analyse their strengths, interest and passion make better career choices.

Training & Development Services

SilverPeak Global has expert team from diverse fields designing and conducting training & development program at national and international forums for students and employed professionals.

Cultural Tourism

Japan, popularly known as “The Land of rising sun” is renowned for its scenic landscape. The country is surrounded by islands, mountain ranges, gardens that are gorgeously colorful and is a visual treat for the mankind.