JLP in India

How does this program make Indian engineers competitive to work in Japan?

Industry Oriented Program(IOP) is designed after a thorough analysis of the Japanese industries and their expectations from foreign nationals who wish to work in Japan. The Japanese language combined with technical knowledge is required to work in Japan. Candidates undergo required learning and exposure during this program.

How Silverpeak has designed this program to make you qualified to work in Japan?


The program is scheduled for a duration of 9 months. Candidates will undergo the ‘Elementary Level’ (N5 level); Quasi-intermediate (N4 level) and Intermediate level (N3 level) of the Japanese language in India, trained by professional native Japanese teachers and certified Indian trainers.

The course is designed to meet the requirements & expectations of the Japanese engineering industries. Candidates are trained in four main aspects:

    • Japanese language skills to communicate efficiently at work
    • Cultural awareness that will enable candidates to understand & respect the Japanese culture and etiquettes
    • Technical aspects of respective specialization
  • Behavioral skills

Additionally, candidates are prepared with interview skills giving them a competitive edge in securing a dream career in Japan.


    • 270 Days of rigorous language training for securing job in Japan
    • Candidates are prepared up to N3 level of Japanese language level in India
    • Technical skills required by the Japanese Industries are presented to the candidates
    • Interviews are scheduled in India after completion of the course.
    • Candidates fly to Japan with Work Visa
  • Lucrative remuneration & company benefits are offered

What Is the process involved for this program?

Who is eligible to take up this course?

Candidates with Engineering or MCA, M. Tech, and MBA (Engineering background only) graduation.

0-5 years of experience.

A minimum of 60% aggregate in their graduation

Course Intake

SPG currently has four intakes in the month of:





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