Japanese Language Services

SilverPeak Global offers Japanese Language (NIHONGO) courses to cater to language enthusiasts who love to learn this ancient language, and for professionals who aspire for a rewarding career in Japan. Apart from language afficionados, these impactful concentrated courses provide supportive learning environment by imparting top quality Japanese language training services for career seekers / students & corporates.

Learning Japanese language by foreigners involve a steady progress of 5 levels. These levels are N5 (Basic level), N4 (Quasi-Intermediate level), N3 (Intermediate level), N2 (Proficient level) and N1 (Expert level).

Our sessions are conducted by experienced & trained native Japanese trainers and Indian trainers. A blended learning environment that includes theoretical, practical, fun-filled, experiential learnings are inculcated among the students.

What makes learning Nihongo at SPG unique is that one is exposed to both the language and culture of Japan simultaneously. Practitioners of Nihongo have experienced greater levels of soft skills in their lives apart from developing qualities like honesty, punctuality, self-respect, and integrity. These qualities are part of rich cultural heritage of Japanese people, and learning the language also imbibes similar transformation among the learners before they onboard for Japan for their career.

Our Japanese Language program are customised to cater to the career needs in varied specialized areas, which includes

– Japanese Language Program for Engineers (Students learn N5, N4, & N3 level along with Japanese Language Culture & Etiquettes) with choice of one of the following options

  • Trainees learn basic level in India and advanced levels in Japan, or
  • Trainees learn all 3 levels in India leading to a career in Japan

– Japanese Language Program for Nurses – where trainees learn N5, N4, & N3 level along with Japanese Language Culture & Etiquettes in India and through our TITP-NSDC program trainees are provided with career options to work in Japan

– Japanese Language Program for Hospitality sector – where trainees learn N5, N4, & N3 level along with Japanese Language Culture & Etiquettes in India leading to a career in Japan.


Customized Japanese language courses are provided to help corporate clients with their requirements for enhancing the Japanese language skill of their employees.

Online Japanese Language course

SilverPeak Global offers online courses in Japanese language which are tailor made for school kids, adults, corporates. Courses start from Beginner level course up to N3 level.

Our Japanese Language Trainers

Japanese Language Test

Silverpeak prepares its candidates to successfully appear for the standardised Japanese Language tests JLPT /NAT. 

Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Japanese -NAT tests are the two most recognized examinations for assessment of Japanese language proficiency of foreigners across the globe.  Candidates are tested on knowledge of Japanese in the main areas of grammar/vocabulary, listening, and reading skills. Both JLPT & NAT conducts examination for the 5 levels i.e. N5, N4, N3, N2, & N1 levels. 

JLPT is held twice a year i.e. in the month of July and December (Visit https://www.jlpt.jp/e/ for more information on JLPT).

NAT is held 6 times a year February, April, June, August, October & December (Visit http://www.nat-test.com/en/about.html for more information on NAT).