J-Cert Services

J-Cert Services

J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language) is an official Japanese language (NIHONGO) proficiency standard test.

SilverPeak is the sole and exclusive partner for carrying out “J-cert life and proficiency Japanese test” in India. The test is coordinated by the professionally trained native Japanese teachers along with the local administrators throughout India.

J-cert Services by SPG

The various activities are coordinated by SilverPeak with regards to J-cert involves:

  • Conducting workshops on J-cert exam preparations
  • Publishing relevant J-cert related information/ news
  • J-cert exam schedule announcement
  • Identifying & providing the J-cert exam centres throughout India.

  • Organizing and conducting J-cert exam Pan-India
  • Results announcement and distribution of exam certificates
  • Handling J-cert candidate queries.